Thursday, January 1, 2015

DA:I - Male Elf sliderset "Deyvin"

Someone on Tumblr asked a question on how to create good looking male characters in DA:I.
My response was quite short, as it really just takes a bunch of messing around, no real 'trick' to it.
I figured I'd offer some premade characters people can straight up play as is - or use as a base for further customization. So, for those that don't like to spend ages in a CC and appreciate a sliderset over a save-game, preserving the ability to create your own with the Keep, this is for you!

No credit is necessary although obviously a link to the source would be appreciated if you are ever directly asked =) Redistribution prohibited, if I want to share this preset on other mod and/or sharing sites, I'll do this myself.

I plan to do more of these over time so keep an eye on my Tumblr or my blog here to stay up to date.

Some ingame shots of Deyvin:

And here are his slider settings:

And that's that, have any questions, shout, otherwise GAME ON.

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